2020 High School Student Art Contest!

2020 High School Student Art Contest!

Enter to win! Open to all 2020 high school students in the Randolph, Tucker, Barbour, Upshur, Nicholas and Pocahontas counties.

Download a PDF of the Contest Requirements

The Mountain Arts District will display a photo of your artwork on our Facebook contest from June 12th-16th, 2020. The submission with the most “likes” will win a cash award from our sponsor. Submissions will also be displayed on our website MADWV.com.

This contest is sponsored by Ajuga.com. Any business or person who would like to participate as a sponsor a cash award for the 2020 High School Student Art Show, please contact the Mountain Arts District at mtnartsdistrict@gmail.com.

Submission Deadline:

June 8, 2020

Contest Open Dates:

June 12-16, 2020

Award Notification Date/Time:

June 16, 2020 at 9pm


• Most “Likes” on Facebook: $100
• 2 and 3rd most “Likes”: $50 each
• 4-10 most “Likes”: Honorable Mention (no cash prize)

To Submit:

Submit up to three (3) individual pieces via email. Provide one (1) high-resolution photo or scan (1200 pixels wide or greater preferred) of each submission. Provide the following with your submission:

  1. First and last name
  2. Parent’s names
  3. Your High School
  4. Name of artwork (write “Untitled” if not named)
  5. Medium—for example: Watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed, collage, pencil/charcoal, pastel, clay, paper mache, etc.
  6. Year the artwork was created (write “No Date” if unknown)
  7. Price if the artwork is for sale, otherwise list “NFS” (Not For Sale)
  8. Your email address (this is for award purposes only and will not be published)
  9. You phone number (this is for award purposes only and will not be published)
  10. Your mailing address (this is for award purposes only and will not be published)
  11. Provide a signed permission and verification forms that you are entering your original artwork


  1. Open to 2020 high school students from Randolph, Tucker, Barbour, Upshur and Pocahontas of West Virginia.
  2. Students can enter their own work created at any time—any year, created in school or on your own.
  3. You may enter up to three (3) pieces. Provide one high-resolution photo or scan (1200 pixels wide or greater preferred) for each piece. Take the photo as straight-on as possible to prevent distortion and shoot in diffuse light —like a cloudy day (not full sun)—to limit shadows. Hold the camera as still as possible to limit blur.
  4. Provide a digital still image of a drawing, painting, sculpture, collage. We are not accepting photography or performance pieces at this time.
  5. You must enter online. Do not mail your art. If you need assistance with photographing or scanning your artwork, please contact us at mtnartsdistrict@gmail.com.
  6. The subject of the art submission must be original artwork created by the artists. Please do not enter art derived from copyrighted sources.
  7. The Mountain Arts District may refuse any submission for any reason.
  8. Once the art is distributed via social media the post cannot be altered. The artist may withdraw their submission at any time prior to distribution of the contest on social media
  9. The artist retains the copyright of their submission and may request in writing that their artwork not be used for promotional purposes. Such requests must be provided at the time of artwork submission.

Required Student’s Permission & Verification Form

The artwork I am submitting for this contest is my original artwork. I understand that I may not submit someone else’s artwork or artwork that copies the work of another artist (from comic book, magazine, etc). I understand that submitting work that infringes on another artist’s copyright is against the law and will not be accepted.
I give the Mountain Art’s District permission to display my artwork in this contest via social media, their website and through email. I understand that the Mountain Arts District may use my artwork for promotional uses in the future and will credit me as the artist in doing so. I understand that the Mountain Arts District may refuse any submission for any reason.

I understand that I must have my parent’s permission to enter this contest and am providing their signed consent form.


Artist’s Signature:

Artist’s Name in Print:


Required Parent’s Permission to Participate Form

I consent this submission of my child’s artwork in the Mountain Art’s District 2020 High School Student Fine Art Contest. I understand that my child has provided the Mountain Art’s District the right to share and promote my child’s artwork with their name, high school.


Parent’s Signature:

Parent’s Name in Print:


For more information email us at mtnartsdistrict@gmail.com

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