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Ron Hinkle is an accomplished master glass artist who embodies great passion and appreciation for glass and the history of glass making. Born and reared in Buckhannon, WV, Ron Hinkle developed a love of glass at the tender age of 12. Taking the glass tubing from his chemistry set, Ron learned to bend and stretch the glass over the burners of his mother’s stove. He became fascinated by the movement, the flow, and the possibilities of glass. After working in production glass manufacturing for over 20 years, Ron decided to open his studio and make art glass. Ron and his father, Paul Eugene Hinkle, harvested logs from their property and traded part of the logs to have the lumber sawed for construction. Ron purchased second-hand tools and machinery and even collected tools that had been discarded, to repair and return them to service in his own studio. Ron’s art includes functional and decorative pieces. He is celebrating 47 years in glass making!

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Perpetual Growth: A Ron Hinkle Interview