New Work by Art of Seth

New Work by Art of Seth

Art of Seth, featuring the creations of Seth Pitt of Thomas, WV, has released four new prints in the “New Worlds” collection on his website,

Collections on the website include the popular “Creatures of the Heart,” “The Resistance,” “Headless Barons and Aimless Unicorns,””Notes from the Afterlife” and more. Art of Seth’s work can be found in Thomas at his gallery Creature and in his studio in The White Room as well as in over 80 locations across the United States.

According to Seth, “I started drawing things on paper when I was 22 and working at a cell phone accessory kiosk in the middle of the meridian mall. It was right outside of an Abercrombie and Fitch. Sometimes instead of mannequins, real people would come in and stand in the window with their shirts off. I thought it was interesting that they were only half clothed because it seemed like they were trying to sell shirts but at the same time convincing people that it was cool to not wear shirts. Anyway, I didn’t really know how to draw at that time but i had good friends who said encouraging things. I also lucked out early on by stumbling across the stark realization that being able to draw well has no consequence on whether or not one should be making art.”

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