George Ward Children’s Art

GPS Coordinates: 38-43-48 N,-79-58-10  W   Children’s’ Art Dedicated at George Ward School in Mill Creek An installation of four pieces of art done by local youth was presented to Principal Rick Sharp at George Ward school.  The theme of endangered species presented by art teacher Tessa Garver guided the three upper-level students.  Carter Patterson’s […]

Children’s Art at Glendale Park

Glendale Park These are scans of paintings printed on metal with an anti UV coating.  They were unveiled Oct. 12, 2019 with the youth artists and their families present.  The project continues the “Art in the Park” theme and was coordinated by MAD with funding from the Snowshoe Foundation.

Children’s Art at Elkins City Park

38.927313, -79.846817 Elkins City Park, on Church Lane Children from Elkins Middle School, Highland Adventist School, and the Harman School, 2018 These are scans of paintings printed on metal with an anti-UV coating. They were unvailed September 1st, 2018 with the kids and their families present.  This project, aptly titled “Art in the Park” was […]

French Creek Freddie Statue

38.9924954,-80.2283211 Jawbone Park S Florida St, Buckhannon, WV 26201 Placed 2018   Put in place at Buckhannon’s Jawbone Park and officially unveiled on Mar. 20, 2018, the famous groundhog now stands to remind everyone that Spring will always come again! Katie Kuba gives this brief account from Mayor David McCauley in an article written in […]

Heritage Quilt Blocks in Downtown Elkins

Throughout Downtown Elkins Elkins Main Street, 2016 These heritage quilt blocks were designed by Elkins Main Street and completed with the help of volunteer organizations including Generation Randolph and Appalachian Forest Heritage Area. The two quilting patterns that are pictured are the Maple Leaf and the Log Cabin. Back to the Gallery

Elkins Dumpsters

38.9245237,-79.849121 Mary’s Alley, Seneca Mall Parking Lot, Elkins Lisa Armstrong and Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy These three pieces of pop-up art in Elkins represent three different styles and periods of art. The meadow is an example of impressionism, the tomatoes are representative of pop art, and the Mail Pouch Tobacco dumpster is a staple of advertising […]

Newspaper Sculpture

38.726635,-79.9716711 Rt. 219, Mill Creek — Tygarts Valley High School Tygarts Valley High School Art Club, 2016 This sculpture was designed to celebrate Earth Day, and the idea was that it would biodegrade over time and slowly become part of the earth again. Students and teachers brought in newspapers, and the Art Club worked together to […]

Bulldog Mural

38.726635,-79.9716711 Rt. 219, Mill Creek — Tygarts Valley High School Lindsay Fincham The bulldog is the school mascot for the Tygarts Valley High School. This particular bulldog mural was designed and painted by Lindsay Fincham, a student at Tygarts Valley. She asked the administration if she could paint the design somewhere on the building, and the […]

Blackwater Falls

39.1288951,-79.4618475 371 Williams Ave., Davis  — Inside Shop n’ Save Elkins High School, 2016 Blackwater Falls is located along the Blackwater River, which runs through Davis. It is a true blackwater stream, due to the spruce and hemlock trees in its watershed whose tannins impart a tea or amber color to its water. The dark, tumbling waters […]

St. Brendan the Navigator

38.9016541,-79.8431396 Rt. 219/30, Elkins — St. Brendan’s Catholic Church Timothy P. Schmalz, 2000 This sculpture was chosen by St. Brendan’s to portray their Parish Patron Saint in 2000. St. Brendan is chiefly renowned for his legendary journey to the Isle of the Blessed as described in the ninth century Voyage of St Brendan the Navigator. The […]

Peace Paintings

39.147203,-80.035673 S. Main St., Philippi These peace-themed paintings, along with Philippi’s Peace Lamp, adorn the retaining wall coming into downtown Philippi. Back to the Gallery

Veterans Memorial Wall

39.0963251,-79.6811557 1st St. and Main St., Parsons Dedicated 2004 Two battlefield crosses stand at Parson’s Veterans Memorial Wall to honor the lives and service of Tucker County veterans. This project was initiated by Parson’s Concerned Citizens’ Coalition and built by volunteer veterans. Back to the Gallery

Old Brick Playhouse Doors

38.926264,-79.8499954 4th St., Elkins For the past 25 years, the Old Brick Playhouse has been providing educational arts programming and regular, community-led performances. During the summer, the Old Brick also hosts a series of of performance camps. The Old Brick Playhouse makes it home in the, formerly, Randolph Garage Company, circa 1919. This late Edwardian style […]

Mingo Confederate Statue

38.482109,-80.05319 Mingo Flats Rd., Valley Head Inscription Reads: To the memory of the Confederate soldiers of Randolph County and vicinity. This includes all soldiers who died on Valley Mountain in 1861 while Gen. Lee was encamped there. The monument, which was initially unveiled July 23, 1913 and sits atop Valley Mountain, commemorates the soldiers in General Robert […]